The dashboards are web-based management tools which display key sponsored performance metrics using graphs, reports and visual displays.

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Dashboards – Overview Recordings

If you need dashboard access or assistance please contact [email protected].

Dashboard Documentation

Sponsored Dashboards

Monthly compliance metrics for sponsored activities related to payroll and non-payroll cost transfers, deficit and cash balances, unbilled revenue, FSRs, effort reporting and open receivables.

Proposals, Awards and Funding Dashboards

Monthly activity metrics reflecting proposals submitted, pending proposals, and new competing awards received. Also includes sponsored funding projections, research base and effective recovery metrics, funding trends and proposal success rates.

Effort Reporting Dashboards

Reporting tool for generating historical reports of certified effort from March 2007 to present for a specific grant, sponsored program, principal investigator or employee

PI Dashboards

Provides grant and sponsored program expenditure summaries by principal investigator. Provides personnel overview report showing labor distribution actuals and commitments for all personnel working on a PIs grants and sponsored programs.

GR/IR Reports Dashboard

Reporting tool which summarizes Good Receipt/Invoice Receipt imbalances. Allows division and department users to identify and resolve problems caused by improper three-way match processing on Purchase Orders.

  • GR/IR Business Process: Understanding the University’s GR/IR Clearing Account – How it Affects Departments


Sponsored Dashboards Overview

This FastFacts will provide a high-level summary review of the following four dashboards: Sponsored Compliance, Proposals, Awards and Funding, Effort Reporting, and Goods Receipt/Invoice Receipt.

Sponsored Compliance

This FastFacts session will focus specifically on the Sponsored Compliance dashboard and how to gain access.

Proposals, Awards and Funding

This FastFacts session will focus specifically on the Proposals, awards and funding dashboard and how to gain access.

GR/IR & Effort Reporting

This FastFacts session will focus specifically on the Effort reporting and GR/IR dashboards and how to gain access.

FTE Methodology Overview

This is an overview explaining how FTE metrics are calculated for the Finance dashboard.


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Enhancement Requests
If you have suggestions about how to improve the dashboards or specific enhancement requests please send them to [email protected].